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The Ministry of Education and Science has made changes to the Conditions of Admission to Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine. The relevant order, signed on May 4, 2020, was registered with the Ministry of Justice.

The dates of the introductory campaign in 2020 have been changed – all dates have been postponed by one month (August), taking into account the forecast of the epidemiological situation. Thus, for entrants on the basis of PZSO registration of electronic cabinets will begin on August 1, applications and documents will be accepted from 13 to 22 August (for those who enter according to the results of external evaluation), and until August 16 for entrants who will take entrance exams in higher education.

Creative competitions and entrance exams for public procurement will be held from 1 to 12 August. Recommendations for enrollment in the budget will be provided no later than August 27, and applicants will submit documents for enrollment – by the evening of August 31.



The Ministry of Education and Science has provided entrants with the opportunity to submit original documents by mail (and therefore the interval between the last day of submission of documents and the issuance of the enrollment order itself has been increased to 5 days). It is also provided that entrants will be able to send scanned copies of the necessary documents by e-mail, putting a qualified electronic signature on them, and the documents themselves to deliver after the start of training.

The deadlines for registration for the Unified Entrance Examination (EMI) and the Unified Professional Entrance Examination (EPI) have been postponed. Registration will run from May 12 to June 5 and will take place online. At the same time, the dates of EMI and EPI remain unchanged – July 1 and 3, respectively. Dates of registration of electronic offices of entrants for a magistracy, reception of documents, recommendations are also postponed for a month.


The changes expanded the categories of entrants who can exercise the right to transfer to vacant public procurement positions (persons whose one of the parents (adoptive parents) was a police officer who died or was declared missing by a court in the line of duty).

The Admission Conditions also enshrine the right of foreigners and stateless persons, including foreign Ukrainians permanently residing in Ukraine, persons recognized as refugees, and persons in need of additional protection, to obtain higher education on an equal footing with citizens of Ukraine, including at the expense of the state or local budget, provided that the same requirements for accession are met as for the citizens of Ukraine. That is, now, in order to study on a budget, this category of entrants will have to successfully pass the external evaluation and submit up to 5 applications for budget places at the university.

The updated Terms of Admission are brought in line with the amendments to the Law “On Higher Education” adopted on December 18, 2019. In particular, the possibility of submitting a motivation letter is provided, the obligation to conduct additional entrance exams for applicants for a master’s degree who have obtained a higher education degree in another specialty, etc. has been abolished.