Спеціальність 073 Менеджмент !!!!!

073 Management. To date, the most popular and in demand in economic education, including management. And this is not surprising, because specialists with knowledge in economics and management are needed in all areas of business and government.

Management is a process that includes forecasting, planning, organization, leadership, coordination and control. And a manager is a person who is professionally engaged in management activities. And what he manages depends on the field of activity.

What they study: Future managers study economic, managerial, social disciplines. The predominance of one or another of them is determined by the selected profile. Among the required for all subjects: management theory, economic theory, accounting and analysis, financial management, human resource management, strategic management. Particular attention is paid to labor legislation, the laws of pricing, taxation, marketing and advertising, the technique of commercial negotiations, the possession of communication skills.


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