Про нашу спеціальність 281 Публічне управління та адміністрування !!!!

Public administration is an area that is related to solving strategic tasks of government agencies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, taking into account a set of external and internal factors and trends in a competitive environment, as well as in a particular field of social production and the state as a whole.

Applicants for higher education receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are needed in future professional activities:

✔ knowledge of the structure and features of the functioning of public administration and administration;

√ knowledge of standards, principles and norms of activity in the field of public administration;

√ knowledge of regulations and legal provisions in the field of public administration;

√ understanding and use of technologies for making, making and implementing management decisions;

√ knowledge of the basics of e-government;

√ability to use the electronic document management system;

√ ability to search and summarize information, draw conclusions and formulate recommendations within its competence;

√ ability to establish communication between citizens and public authorities and local governments;

√ use of methods of analysis and evaluation of sustainable development programs;

√ability to adjust professional activity in case of change of initial conditions;

√ application of modern technologies of marketing and management in the field of public administration.


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