Вічна пам’ять……….

 On September 21, 2019 the First Vice-Rector of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering and Pedagogy passed away at the age of 61

Tarasyuk Anatoliy Petrovich.

The sudden untimely death of Anatoly Petrovich is a huge irreparable loss for our entire team. His whole life is connected with the academy. Her former graduate has gone from teacher to first provost, became a doctor of sciences and professor, a professional in his field, a well-known specialist in the educational field of the country.

With his direct participation, all plans for the development of the Academy for the last 15 years were put into practice. Its contribution to our successful day-to-day activities is hard to overstate. He was able to solve the most difficult tasks due to his extensive experience, competence, talent of the organizer and methodologist, great work capacity and energy.
But most of all, he was a capital character – friendly, responsive, humble and optimistic. He has always enjoyed great authority and respect among colleagues and students. Anatoly Petrovich will remain for us an example of boundless dedication to his cause and humanity. The bright memory of him will be forever preserved in our hearts, and his name will remain in the history of our academy. The Rectorate, the Trade Union Committee and the whole staff of the Academy express their sincere deep condolences to the family and friends of Anatoly Petrovich.

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