Набір в магістратуру!!!!!

The Department of Management here sets up a magistrate for such light programs:

1. Organizational and administrative management of specialty 073 – Management

2. Administrative management of speciality 281 – Public Administration and Administrative structure

3. Management of special service companies 015.16 – Professional lighting (service area)

Check out your little bird!

099-49-032-94 doc. Yulia Fedorova

050-918-58-59 Head of the Department, doc. Babenko Kristina 


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Державний іспит наших найкращих студентів!!!!!!!

08.06.2019 students of the department of management have passed the state exam. Good luck to our graduates and we hope to see everyone again in the magistracy !!!!

Recruitment to the magistracy at the Department of Management UIPA is carried out according to the following educational programs:

1. Management of the organizations of a specialty 073 – Management

2. Administrative management of the specialty 281 – Public administration and administration

3. Management of service enterprises of the specialty 015.16 – Vocational Education (Service Industry)



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Вітаємо Лотоцьку Єлизавету!!!!!

Our third-year student Lototskaya Elizaveta became one of the participants of the School of Social Design Open Grants School.

Congratulations on graduation and we wish to apply this knowledge in practice and achieve new high results!

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Акредитаційна експертиза підготовки бакалаврів “Менеджмент”!!!!!

On May 29-31, an expert commission for accreditation of the educational and professional program “Management of Organizations” in the specialty 073 “Management” of the first (bachelor) level of higher education works at the Department of Management of UIPA

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Кафедра Менеджменту УІПА розпочала прийом документів у магістратуру!!!!!!

Department of Management UIPA began accepting documents to the magistracy in the specialty “Public Administration and Administration”! If you have a master’s degree or specialist in any specialty, we will assign you without VNO! The term of study is 1.4 years. The cost is 4020 UAH per semester. The diploma allows you to occupy managerial positions (to be managers, directors, heads of structural divisions) in various fields of activity. Information on tel. 099-49032-94 Limited number of seats!


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Профорієнтаційний захід у навчальних закладах!!!!

Representatives of the Department of Management held professional orientation event in educational institutions M. Pokrovsky. Thanks to Galina Egorovna Sirotyuk, Director of the Nadezhda Lyceum for a warm welcome! Until next meetings


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Завершення візиту делегації Університету Бедфордширу до УІПА!!!!

The visit of the delegation of the University of Bedfordshire to the UIPA / The visit of the University of Bedfordshire to UEPA ended

UIPA visited by prof. Yanqing Duan and Dr. Yongmei Bentley.

During the visit, they took part in the finals of the “Try It And You” 2019 start-up projects, acted as speakers at Create Creative Entrepreneurs Road Show, and conducted a training seminar for UIPA students on how to prepare projects for the Creative Spark Big Idea Challenge competition. Also prof. Yanqing Duan and Dr. Yongmei Bentley held a fascinating seminar for teachers of the Academy on the theme “Development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Western Military District on the example of the University of Bedfordshire” .Http: //www.uipa.edu.ua/ua/news/6223-2019-05-21-02#MyCreativeSpark # try out #CCESpark # Startup # Startup # BEDS # UIPA # UIPA #UEPA # Kharkiv # Kharkiv #Kharkiv 

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olimp_2  olimp_10

Accompanied the preparation for the Olympiad, and also participated as a jury member, Professor of the Department of Management Karlova O.A. Many thanks to the organizers of the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline “Financial Management” – the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the leadership and organizers in Lutsk National Technical University on quality management. We wish you further creative success! Details on the site http://lutsk-ntu.com.ua/…/u-luckomu-ntu-pidbili-pidsumki-ii ..

подяка  диплом

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Representatives of the Academy, Kristina Babenko, and the Head of the EEE Department, Artyuom Chernyuk, with the support of CSR Ukraine expert organization, Center for CSR Development, held the first discussion for developing a roadmap for Energy Examination Centers this week in Kiev. //bit.ly/2vaVzIG # power #energetics # power # academy # academy # academy # WIPA # WIPA #UEPA # Kharkov # Kharkov #Kharkiv 

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Гості з Великобританії!!!!!!!

11 April 2019 – An open lecture for students of UEPA April 11, 2019 – open lecture “Developing the skills of creative entrepreneurship, your path to success” for students Lecturer – Patricia Wilson (Patricia Wilson, University of Bedfordshire Business School), lecturer at the Bedfordshire University School (Luton, United Kingdom), UIPA partners in the Creative Creative Enterprise Entrepreneurs project of the British Council #MyCreativeSpark #Proboobites #CCESpark # Startup #startup # BEDS # UIPA # UIPA #UEPA # Kharkiv # Kharkov #Kharkiv 


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