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To the attention of students !!!!


This section provides information on entrance examinations to the master’s program, which are conducted using organizational and technological processes of external independent evaluation.

The Unified Professional Entrance Test (EPI) provides for a test of law and general legal training.

The only entrance exam (EMI) is a test in a foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish).


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З Днем Вишиванки !!!!

The mother embroidered her son’s shirt,

She put her soul and heart into embroidery.

As a memory of the folk echo,

Patterns appeared on the canvas,

Where every cross is a moment of life…

Laced on white blue,

The thread lay down thread by dream – The child’s destiny would be embroidered happy,

To become a talisman for my son

Nenka’s hands embroidered shirt.

Happy Embroidery Day!

Без названия

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Принципи Менеджменту !!!!


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015.16 Професійна освіта. Сфера Обслуговування !!!!!







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Спеціальність 073 Менеджмент !!!!!

073 Management. To date, the most popular and in demand in economic education, including management. And this is not surprising, because specialists with knowledge in economics and management are needed in all areas of business and government.

Management is a process that includes forecasting, planning, organization, leadership, coordination and control. And a manager is a person who is professionally engaged in management activities. And what he manages depends on the field of activity.

What they study: Future managers study economic, managerial, social disciplines. The predominance of one or another of them is determined by the selected profile. Among the required for all subjects: management theory, economic theory, accounting and analysis, financial management, human resource management, strategic management. Particular attention is paid to labor legislation, the laws of pricing, taxation, marketing and advertising, the technique of commercial negotiations, the possession of communication skills.


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Менеджмент (або «управління») !!!!

Management (or “management”) is the process of planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling an organization to achieve the coordination of the human, financial, natural, and technological resources needed to perform tasks effectively. According to Henri Fayol, “to manage is to forecast and plan, organize, command, coordinate and control.” Management permeates the entire organization, affects almost all areas of its activities.


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Про нашу спеціальність 281 Публічне управління та адміністрування !!!!

Public administration is an area that is related to solving strategic tasks of government agencies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, taking into account a set of external and internal factors and trends in a competitive environment, as well as in a particular field of social production and the state as a whole.

Applicants for higher education receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are needed in future professional activities:

✔ knowledge of the structure and features of the functioning of public administration and administration;

√ knowledge of standards, principles and norms of activity in the field of public administration;

√ knowledge of regulations and legal provisions in the field of public administration;

√ understanding and use of technologies for making, making and implementing management decisions;

√ knowledge of the basics of e-government;

√ability to use the electronic document management system;

√ ability to search and summarize information, draw conclusions and formulate recommendations within its competence;

√ ability to establish communication between citizens and public authorities and local governments;

√ use of methods of analysis and evaluation of sustainable development programs;

√ability to adjust professional activity in case of change of initial conditions;

√ application of modern technologies of marketing and management in the field of public administration.


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Перспективна спеціальність 073 Менеджмент !!!!










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Спеціальність 281 Публічне управління та адміністрування !!!!!










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