Department of Management UIPA !!!!!

Welcomes the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor,

our beloved Obidenenova Tatyana Sergeevna

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Please accept our sincere congratulations,

May all your plans and wishes come true!

Let life give wonderful presents,

Bright emotions, happiness moments.

To trouble the house did not know the way

And fate always gave you joy! 

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Вітаємо нашого Ректора Коваленко Олену Едуардівну!!!!З Днем народження!!!!


 The Department of Management of UIA honors our Rector, Kovalenko, Helen Edwardivna with the anniversary !!!!

Accept sincere greetings on your birthday!
The highest professionalism, talent, unlimited dedication to work, hard work and perseverance in achieving the goals set have allowed you to achieve significant successes in professional activities, to win respect and respect among colleagues and students.
Let your path be filled with new ups and downs, and human honor will be grateful for the hard work, vigor, and the ability to do good.
Good health to you, well-being, peace, generosity, happiness in life, creative inspiration in the proper work! Success in all conceived and new achievements !!!!!!!! 

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Запрошення на навчання!!!!!

 We invite Junior Specialists for undergraduate studies! The reception of documents continues! The number of seats is limited 


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Кцв Лутон подія 4-5 липня!

 CCE Luton event 4-5 Jul 2019

#MyCreativeSpark #CCESpark #BEDS #Luton # start-up #startup # UIPA # UEPA

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Проєктна делегація в м. Лутон!!!!!!!!!!

 Our project delegation is currently on a working visit to the University of Bedfordshire (Luton, UK)

In the photo: Workshop “Survive and Flourish – Best Tips for Start Up in the Creative Industry”

with Elena Iarmosh Kristina Babenko

# academy # academy #academy # UIA # WIPA #UEPA # Kharkiv # Kharkiv # Kharkiv #MyCreativeSpark #CCESpark #BEDS #Luton # startup #startup 

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